Da die neue Situation an den Grenzen zu Tschechien und Österreich auch Geschäftspartner und Niederlassungen im Ausland betrifft, senden wir Ihnen hier den sinngemäßen Inhalt der vorangegangenen Meldung zur Einstufung von Tschechien, der Slowakei und Tirol als Virusvariantengebieten auch in englischer Sprache.

Czech Republic, Slovakia and Tyrol (Austria) classified as 'Area of variant concern' by Germany
With effect from Sunday, 14 February 2021, 00:00 hours, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and part of Austria (province of Tyrol with the exception of the political district of Lienz, the municipality of Jungholz and the Rißtal in the municipal area of Vomp and Eben am Achensee) will be declared “areas of variant of concern” according to the German CoronaEinreiseVO (Read more here ).
As a result, and as of this date, all persons entering Germany (including goods transport drivers) who have stayed in or transited one or more of the aforementioned countries during the last 10 days will be subject to the obligation to register, to hold a negative COVID-19 test and, in some cases, to quarantine, as detailed below.  
The Federal Ministry of the Interior has announced that compliance with the rules will be monitored by the Federal Police at the borders with CZ and AT from 14 February 2021.
A quick reminder on the relevant obligations on return/entry from “areas of variant of concern”:
  • Obligation to register:
The registration has to be done before entering Germany via https://www.einreiseanmeldung.de. If digital entry registration is not possible due to lack of technical equipment or technical malfunctions, a fully completed substitute notification according to the sample form (See here for samples in many languages) must be carried on entry.
  • Obligation to test:
A medical certificate or test result regarding the absence of infection with SARS-CoV-2 is considered proof. The proof for entrants from virus variant areas must already be available upon entry, i.e. completed before entry, but no more than 48 h before entry. The proof must be provided on paper or in an electronic document in German, English or French. It must be presented upon request to the competent authority. PCR and some specific rapid tests are acceptable. See here for more information.
  • Quarantine obligation:
Any quarantine requirement for persons entering the country is governed by the quarantine regulations of the federal state in which the German residence of the person entering the country is located (or by the German destination of the transport in the case of foreign drivers). 

Testing opportunities:
For drivers returning from/through Tyrol: See here.
For drivers returning from/through the Czech Republic: See here
For riders returning from/through the Slovak Republic: See here.
There is no information on the suitability of the listed test facilities for truck travel.